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Staff & Faculty

Administration and Administrative Staff

Rev. Matthew P. Jacobs - Senior Pastor and Superintendent

Rev. William H. Holzer - Associate Pastor

Rev. Lee R. Kunkel - Associate Pastor

Mrs. Anita Moerbe - Head Teacher

Mrs. Jane Obersat - Deaconess

Mrs. Judy Warschak - Administrative Assistant - Church

Mrs. Mary Lueckemeyer - Administrative Assistant-Finances

Mrs. Lois Beisert - Administrative Assistant-School

Mr. Ricky Hernandez - Maintenance Supervisor

Mrs. Patti Moore - Kitchen Supervisor


Mrs. Hilliary Poehlmann - 6/7/8 grade Teacher

Mrs. Lauren Trant - 4/5 Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Lunsford - 2/3 Teacher

Mrs. Anita Moerbe - K/1 Teacher

Mrs. Sharon Babb - K/1 Aide

Mrs. Kathy Faske - PK-4 Teacher



Daycare Staff

Jaimi Reimer - Daycare Director - PK 3 Teacher

Lacreshiar Portis - Daycare Staff - PK 2 Teacher

Candice Buehrer- Daycare Staff

Kayla Kesterson - Daycare Staff

Lois Beisert - Summer Daycare Staff




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