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Grace Lutheran Church School and Daycare
1212 Jefferson
Brenham, Texas 77833

Classical Christian Education at Grace

K-8th Grade !

Classical High School Options Available





What is Classical Education?

Briefly stated, Classical Education is an educational tradition that finds its roots in the origins of Western Civilization and focuses its efforts on the education of the whole person: mind and soul. It is not a new approach to education, but instead a time tested approach that has served to produce many great thinkers throughout history, although they may not have identified their educational experience by the terminology "Classical Education".

The philosophy of Classical Education recognizes the fact that God has given every child special gifts and abilities and desires to challenge the child to grow and develop those specific God-given abilities to the fullest measure. In contrast to modern philosophies of education which are task oriented, the philosophy of Classical Education seeks to train the student in the skills of learning, thus preparing each student to continue to learn on his own for the remainder of his life.

The outline for Classical Education methodology is generally defined by the Latin term Trivium, or "three roads". It recognizes that there are three stages of development for children and seeks to maximize the child's education by structuring learning in a manner that corresponds to their stage of development. Those stages of development are commonly known as the Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages.

In the Grammar stage of development children are filled with useful knowledge and trained in discipline. This is an important foundation for more formal studies. They blossom in their awareness of the world and they begin to advance in knowledge and abstract thinking. They are beginning to develop their reasoning and communication skills.

In the Logic stage of development children should be more analytical. Their minds should be trained to correctly reason things out so they might logically process information and come to logical conclusions.

In the Rhetoric stage of development children develop more highly their skills of communication. They creatively and effectively express what they have learned, in both spoken and written forms. Classical Education philosophy synthesizes with the developmental process God has created in each child in order to allow those children who apply themselves to reach their fullest potential.

Each stage of learning builds upon another. Proper Classical fundamentals are maintained in each stage and learned skills are reviewed in each stage, so that as the child develops they are able to progress according to the abilities which God has given them.

Important to Classical Education at every stage of development is the integration of subjects. Unlike those immersed in modern task-oriented philosophies (teach the test), Classical Educators recognize that in order to be well trained in learning skills a student must be able to see how each subject relates to another. The student must continually integrate what they have learned with what they are learning across the full spectrum of subject matter in order to maximize the opportunities they have to grow. This manner of approach in education is all but lost in the modern philosophies of the modern era.

Of utmost importance to Classical Education at Grace is the teaching of the Christian Faith. In these "so called" post-modern times, our world has become increasingly devoid of the Christian world view. Students at Grace will learn all about how God and His grace are foundational to His creation and operational in this world. They will also learn how God and His grace are inseparable from human history and that the central event in human history is the saving work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Grace Lutheran is excited to be able to offer Classical Christian Education to the families of our community. Please feel free to contact us for more information or come by and tour our facility.

For a brief yet insightful essay on Classical Education we recommend reading the following:

The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers.


Welcome From The School Board

Welcome to Grace Lutheran School! The Grace Lutheran Church and School website continues to be updated. Please check back from time to time to see what new and exciting things are happening at Grace. Grace School’s total educational program stretches from infants, six weeks of age, all the way through the eighth grade. A comprehensive curriculum is used in all areas of the school and enrichment programs such as art, music, athletics, and physical education are also offered. Grace’s daycare program is offered to fill every family's needs with before school and after school programs. At the present time, extensive work is being done to revise and impliment a curriculum of Classical Christian Education. The Board and Administration of Grace Lutheran strongly believe that this philosophy and methodology of time tested education is a better learning environment for children that will give them the tools to reach the fullest potential with which God has blessed them.

Grace Lutheran School has a 65 year history of providing excellent education to the Brenham and Washington County community. Grace Lutheran School is served by a variety of caring, educated, and Christ-centered faculty and staff. Grace employs three pastors, seven full time teachers, a daycare director, and several other support staff. All school personnel are trained in their respective area of instruction and all elementary teachers have current teaching certificates. As well as teaching certificates, many of our staff also hold Lutheran Teaching Diplomas.

Grace Lutheran School is an educational ministry of Grace Lutheran Church, which is a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Grace Lutheran Church along with our national church body (LCMS) endeavor to be Christ-centered, with faithfulness to Word and Sacrament Ministry, rightly dividing Law and Gospel, and celebrating and proclaiming the salvation bought for us by Jesus Christ. To learn more about the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod visit

Feel free to thoroughly search the website for any information you need. If you find that you still have questions or would like to speak our staff give us a call or stop by the school for a free, personal tour and information packet. We look forward to speaking with you or visiting with you in person at Grace to share our excellent facility and programs with you and your family. We are convinced that after visiting you will see how much we take our name, “Grace” seriously and that you will agree this school is a unique and wonderful place for your family.



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