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Confirmand Graduate & New Member Luncheon

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Karen Voelter, Ladies Evening Circle, President, welcomed the crowd.

The Congregation gathers around the tables for fellowship and anticipation of the luncheon.

The newly engaged couple engages in conversation with friends.

More fellowship amongst congregational members.

A great potluck lunch was spread by the Ladies Evening Circle and congregation.

Drake Faske speaks about his education and career
and the importance of regular church attendance.

Justin Schiller, Youth leader, welcomes the Confirmands
and encourages them to participate with the Senior Youth Group.

Three of the Confirmands were present,
Karl Holzer, Amy McArthur & Iulian Walch.

Jimmie Maurer, representing the Elder's Board, congratulates the 2009 Graduates.


Ross Land represents the 2009 High School graduating class.

Kenneth Mutscher, Congregational President, welcomes the New Members.


New members present were Jacob Hollatz & Mary Ann Urban.


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